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The Coward’s Choice & Meeting People You Have Faded Out Of Your Life

“It’s OKAY to be scared. Being scared means you’re about to do something really, really brave.”
Mandy Hale

The Coward's Choice


will admit, I have made the coward’s choice many times in my life. I have knowingly lost/ended/faded out contact with a person/people for some reason (without actually talking to them about it), and we were left with a horrible sense of awkwardness, estrangement and resentment towards each other.

Over time, all these built up emotions fester, and when you actually meet again you don’t know what to do.

Generally, you try to avoid them as best you can and when you do accidentally meet, you pretend like you didn’t see the other person, or you ignore them in the most obvious way possible. (I once pretended to not see someone by staring really hard at a shelf in the supermarket, or suddenly no longer turning my head to the right side of the room. Can you imagine the embarrassment?)

That is what the coward’s choice is about: Deciding to give in to the fear of confrontation, rather than facing that truly awkward situation with authenticity and vulnerability – and making everything even more uncomfortable by behaving like a complete idiot! (Or is that just me?)

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