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Are You Teaching Others To Believe That You’re ‘OK’ – Even Though You’re Not?

      “If you keep saying and pretending you are fine, others will believe you and expect that you behave that way.”


Untitled-1hen I trip or fall (and this happens a lot) , I jump up so fast that nobody can offer me their hand. Before you even have the chance to realise that I just crashed myself into the pavement, I will dust myself off, smile, and tell you that I’m OK.

When I was taken to hospital after a very dramatic fall, I spent the entire drive talking. It was my desperate attempt to deflect from the uncomfortable situation. I couldn’t stand the silence, concern and attention. I couldn’t stand being vulnerable.

When a drunk driver swerved onto my side of the road and hit my car on the motorway, I wrote about it on Facebook shortly after it had happened.

 I ended my paragraph on a light and humorous tone with the words “I’m OK.”

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