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Bring Love & Prosperity Into Your Home With This Christmas Ritual [Art Vlog]


“We lack rituals in this modern world.” – Elizabeth McGovern

Ihave spent most of my life in pursuit of the ever elusive and almost fetishised character trait that is self-discipline. *which for some reason reminds me of this

Over the years I have tried many different ways of going about this. One way was to date people with a high level of self-discipline and secretly hope that some of their organised ways would rub off onto me, like one of those non-permanent sticker tattoos. (Spoiler: It didn’t work out. Neither did the relationships.)

It took me until late this year to understand what my personal problem was:

I had no rituals. *gasp

Now I know that just the word will already have your eyes flickering to another open tab in your browser-bar, as your finger nervously paws at the mouse, but often in life, it is the simple and obvious things that make the biggest difference.

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The One Thing Everyone Can Afford (Even If You Don’t Have Enough Money To Buy Christmas Presents)

Everyone can afford christmas. It is more important why and how you do something, than what you do. Pink flower and pink heart. Cat De Pillar Artist Writer Speaker Self-love

In the spirit of the season that is upon us, I will come clean to you about one of my more unfavourable characteristics:

I am the absolute WORST secret Santa you could ever imagine.

Why? Because I never give anyone presents for Christmas!

I am the type of Santa that inspires nightmares.

You know the dream where you excitedly run into the living room – washed, primped and ready to brutally rip packaging apart – when you suddenly realise: there are no presents awaiting their pleasurable death by your hands underneath the Christmas tree. *at which point you wake up screaming

Thinking about it, I am probably a secret Krampus.

Just acknowledging this makes me feel like my cat does, when, instead of serving her the best, moist chicken-bits the budget store has to offer, I throw another heap of dusty, dry-food into her food bowl.

It makes me feel like an egoistic and uncaring bitch.

Share, if this was valuable to you! If not: Connect with me & tell me why! xo