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Finding Your Tribe & Connecting With The People Who Matter // Interview

Finding Your Tribe & Connecting With The People Who Matter // Interview, Artists in Business Podcast, Alexis Fedor, Cat De Pillar had the pleasure and honour of being interviewed by Alexis Fedor [who, fyi,  has the most soothing voice in the world] for the Artists in Business podcast this summer, and I’m really happy that I can share our conversation with you! During our 30ish minutes together, we talk about how I was able to discover my tribe and how important it is to deepen your relationship with those few who resonate with your work the most.


In this episode we also touch on 

  • How to think outside of the “marketing box”, and find new ways to connect with the environment you live in, to sell your creative work/spread your meaningful message  [ ~ minute 3]
  • Why I started pitching my art to gynecologists [ ~ minute 7]
  • How I came up with my pitch to prospective clients [8:15]
  • The importance of storytelling [~ minute 9]
  • How your pricing is often tied to your self-worth [~ minute 14]
  • The importance of the “why” behind your work and who you are as an artist, and how that connects you with your tribe  [~ minute 18]
  • Being a creative, when your environment has no clue how to support you constructively [ ~ minute 23]
  • What I wish someone had told me earlier about the creative process [~ minute 25]
  • My most favourite, kick-in-the-cucu, book recommendation. [~ minute 27 ]

And finally: My best experience as an artist in business so far [28:35]

If you’re an artist or person who worries about not being able to find your tribe, or that you won’t be able to find enough clients to keep your revenue consistent and predictable, this episode is for you.

Also: If you really want to take your enjoyment of this podcast episode to the next level, turn it into a drinking game à la “How I Met Your Mother” for the word combo “and so”…. even if you only drink water, I’m pretty sure you’ll end up with some sort of poisoning.

Kidding aside, in this episode with Alexis I spill a lot of emotional beans on my life as an artist, where I started and where I am right now, and I hope that you find it helpful on your personal journey!

Let me know what you think!

I send you lots of love and hugs, and another thank you to the wonderful Alexis for having me and holding space for me and my journey,

Finding Your Tribe & Connecting With The People Who Matter // Interview, Artists in Business Podcast, Alexis Fedor, Cat De Pillar

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How I Organise Myself On A Weekly Basis & What Self-Sabotage Has To Do With It

How I Organise Myselfticky hands down,  stalking other people’s bullet journal spreads and organisation/planning routines has to be one of my most favourite things to do on the internet.

I guess it’s the equivalent to watching Jamie Oliver’s healthy cooking on TV, while stuffing your face with pizza….not that any of us have ever done that, right?

Even though the idea of achieving a Monica Geller level of organisation is one of my biggest ambitions, getting and staying organised is a big deal for me. Like, a really big deal. Most people would be astonished if they knew how much mental effort it takes me to not only get organised, but to stay organised. That’s why, even though I love purge-clicking through beautiful spreads on pinterest, my system had to be simple and efficient + designed to keep my brain on track for more than five minutes at a time.

Because “How I organise myself” is such a big topic, I decided to break it down into smaller chunks (yearly, quarterly, monthly, weekly) and this video focuses on my weekly routine.

This video is for you,

  • If you are a “planner-fetish” kind of person [let’s hang out sometime] and would like to know how I get my sh*t together and organise myself during the week
  • If you find yourself buying planners and binging on other people’s planning routines, while never actually sticking to a system yourself….I talk about what it means when we DON’T plan and commit to self-organisation at the end of the video, and what that has to do with love self-sabotage.

Before you go, I would love to know 1) Your favourite planner video/tutorial and 2) How you organise yourself on a weekly basis. Do you have any tricks and tips you could share? 

Until the next time, take care and have a great day!

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When Others Are #WinningAtCreativeLife & You….Not So Much // Video

When Others Are #WinningAtCreativeLife & You....Not So Much // Video Cat De Pillar_Art_Creativity’m pretty sure you’re familiar with the phrase “everything’s always greener on the other side.” Of course you are, it’s a cliché! But the thing about clichés is that there can be a lot of truth to them…

And right now, you might be feeling like the grass of other creative people actually does look more stylish than your own. 

Everyone else seems to have the time to work out, grow vegetables, have a real job, spend quality time with the family AND Netflix, while also having pristine lawns and flawless bullet journals.

Also, their dogs don’t dig up the entire length of the garden, and their wild flowers actually look like flowers and not like weeds that have given up their will to live.

Because, even your weeds aren’t doing as well as those of others…obviously.

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