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text6Welcome to my Art Portfolio 

In this section I have gathered all of my current  and available artworks according to the series they belong to. As a multipassionate person, who is only just “becoming”, there is a lot of experimentation going on regarding my specific style – so the series naturally show my slightly different approaches to art.

As a lover of many different forms of illustration, you will find that I am currently entertaining various influences and enjoying the process of them taking form  in a unique – personal – style.

You can pick & choose series, and have a look at the different illustration styles  to see which suit your taste and needs best.


This series focuses on the innate and symbolic qualities of plants, colours, and gemstones. The specific and thoughtful combination of their different  meanings and energetic qualities combines them into an energetically powerfull piece of art. Each piece is created for a specific reason, e.g. supporting the healing prcoess, or comforting in the face of devastation.


fiveThis is a series of women’s portraits dedicated to illustrating emotive words in watercolour. Many women who enjoy this series also enjoy Danielle Laporte’s “Core Desired Feeling” process, where one to three words is chosen as the basis of how you want to feel for a specific period of time. These illustrations can be guides during a time in which their message is most needed, or used as visual reminders of feelings we want to incorporate into our lives more consciously.


This series is dedicated to combining images of non-consumable, self-empowered women with important messages of self-love. Until the series of “goddesses” is large enough, it will be placed under this section, even though the style is slightly different.


2There is no other moment in time that captures my love and interest as much as the Victorian Era (in Britain) does. It touches all the dark, dramatic and gloomy parts within me, and over the years it has come to feel like home. This is where I collect art that was inspired by the era, its stories, and its aesthetics.




This is a series of illustrations based on myself or clients as whimsical mini-people going about our everyday lives.

The Good Enough Creative

A lot of us have internalised beliefs that keep us miserable + secretly thinking that our emotional suffering is a necessary [and even romantic] part of the creative process.

It took me too long to realise how wrong this is, and it's why I've created this video series for you:

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