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power [mental or moral efficacy] – word [a single distinct meaningful element of speech or writing]

This is a series of women’s portraits dedicated to illustrating emotive words in watercolour: #powerwords.

We relate to each word in a unique way

some remind us of what we love about ourselves; some trigger anger, sadness, truth, authenticity;

some show how far we have already come-or how far we still need to go; some inspire us to explore…

every word has a special meaning.

What is yours? 


Watercolour and ink + golden gel pen. To all those of us who sometimes forget to let the barriers down long enough to allow others to see that we need taking care of. If we keep pretending that everything is fine - others will never know that we need them. It's OK to not always "be OK". Allow yourself and others to take care and be there for you.


Watercolour and ink. This is dedicated to all those of us who sometimes need to be reminded of how strong we are, or how strong we can be. Strength has so many forms - and combine so many of them. Every. Day.


Watercolour and Ink. To all those of us who had to, or have to, learn that we need to trust in ourselves. Trust that we are enough; that we are loved; that we can love and care for ourselves; that we can be our own perfect love stories.

The Good Enough Creative

A lot of us have internalised beliefs that keep us miserable + secretly thinking that our emotional suffering is a necessary [and even romantic] part of the creative process.

It took me too long to realise how wrong this is, and it's why I've created this video series for you:

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