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Art Focused on Self-Love & Empowerment

 Yay, the combination everyone has been waiting for!

Rules: It has to make YOU feel good. (Let me know if it’s working!)

"Twilight Goddess" by Cat De Pillar

This piece was created for my subscribers at It is the illustration of my guided meditation that intends to help clear away emotional blockages that keep us small and away from living the lives we want to live. While many of our beliefs serve us well, you and I know that there are some beliefs that act like a crazy person, throwing abusive slurs and destructive insults at us whenever we forget to shut the door on them. These unacknowledged beliefs never go away and simply become buried in our bodies until we are clogged by all of the unprocessed emotions that have clumped into negative thought patterns. This piece shows a step in the meditation, where you imagine how you clear out the space where you are putting all of your blocks and fears. From within this cleared space - and after placing a new intention for it - it is the place where you find your creative energy, your capacity for love, and your energy to be who you know you are. When we clear out this space we witness the return of courage and it can be the catalyst you needed to live a reclaimed life full of active choices, rather than unhappily tolerated passiveness, and regrets. This is what this piece stands for [and if you want to have the meditation that goes along with it, you can still choose to subscribe to my newsletter - I would love to have you there :)] Watercolour and ink on watercolour paper with gold leaf and mica embellishments.

"Sensual Enlightenment" by Cat De Pillar

This is a piece that is very close to my heart and was created for the blog earthbodymama. What I set out to illustrate the newest post for Jillian Anderson, I knew that the theme of her piece would be focused on sensual enlightenment, sacred sexuality, and reclaiming our sensuality as women. Her body is seemingly closed off, but she is literally embracing herself, as she refuses to allow societal and ancestral opinion to dictate the relationship she has with herself. Her breasts are unashamedly visible (as are her nipples) and they symbolise how she is in tune with herself as a sensual and female being. The halo surrounding her head not only symbolises the connection to her higher self, but also how her happiness with herself and the peace and joy she feels radiates into the world. Jillian Anderson writes in her post to this illustration: "But we know better. We know our sensuality is not a curse. We know it's a blessing, a gateway to bliss and union. We know how to self-celebrate and shine so bright that other women (and men) will catch a glimpse of us and remember themselves, too. Let's be the sensual women that we are without fear of repercussion. Let's silence the voices that say we're drawing too much attention to ourselves, that we're taking up too much space, that we'll be abandoned for our radiance." [Read the full post and 3 3 Easy Ways to Be More Sensually Embodied at: ] Watercolour and acrylics on watercolour paper with gold leaf and mica embellishments.

"Fierce" by Cat De Pillar

She stands for the wild in you - that ferocious and violent aspect that explodes from your chest and is ready to MAKE THINGS HAPPEN & FEEL DEEPLY! The shade of purple is used and known as a protective colour in energy work/healing and is a reminder that you are always there to have your own back - so that while your wild inner being roams and claims the world, you are grounded and safe. Her tribal tattoos are symbols of her exquisite pleasure in enjoying and exploring herself and her body, and they remind her of the mantra she lives by: "I AM GOOD ENOUGH. I AM DESERVING. I CAN HAVE WHAT I DESIRE.I CAN LIVE WHAT I CRAVE. FIERCE" Watercolour and Ink on watercolour paper.

"Through mind, body, & soul" by Cat De Pillar

This image was prompted by the question: Why do you paint? For me, it is a constant ritual of transformation. Through my art, I am able to (re)connect with my deepest self, and bring forth creations that are intended to inspire in others the same relief, courage and love that I feel while creating. I experience this act of bringing forth something unique from myself as a cyclical process of metamorphosis: I cleanse myself from toxicity by transforming my experiences, pain, melancholy, trauma, sadness (black butterflies and tendrils) into love, relief, courage, joy, compassion, and new, positive, creative energy (healthy branches with blossoms and colourful butterflies). Art allows me to channel my personal journey towards a more authentic life, self-love, and a new understanding of femininity; constantly taking me to new levels of being - only to start the journey of growing and transforming all over again. Watercolour and ink on watercolour paper.

"Reclaiming All Colours" by Cat De Pillar

This piece is dedicated to all women and men, who feel they cannot wear colours because of their social and political meanings. Dare and reclaim all the colours for yourself. Wear the colours that make you happy and bring a rainbow to your life! (My reclaimed colour is pink!) Digital art This piece is dedicated to all women and men, who feel they cannot wear colours because of their social and political meanings. Dare and reclaim all the colours for yourself. Wear the colours that make you happy and bring a rainbow to your life! (My reclaimed colour is pink!)

"Maybe" by Cat De Pillar

This piece is for everyone who ever feels "out of place" because of how they look, or because they don't fulfill the beauty standard/ideal. I invite you on a beautiful journey of self-discovery in which YOU decide what your beauty is and how that looks like. You can be whatever and whoever you want to be - but you are always good enough, no matter where you are on your personal journey! Watercolour and ink. For those of us who sometimes struggle with the expectations of the world and our own. Maybe anything could be about what you make of it?

I hope this piece gives you as much joy as it gives me - just looking at her on my desk makes me smile. She also reminds me to constantly choose the better feeling, the better decision, and to be aware of myself. I always want to choose happiness... but, I can only choose if I am aware of myself, my actions and my habits. I am practicing this at the moment smile emoticon I hope your day was full of happy moments <3

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