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Bring Love & Prosperity Into Your Home With This Christmas Ritual [Art Vlog]


“We lack rituals in this modern world.” – Elizabeth McGovern

Ihave spent most of my life in pursuit of the ever elusive and almost fetishised character trait that is self-discipline. *which for some reason reminds me of this

Over the years I have tried many different ways of going about this. One way was to date people with a high level of self-discipline and secretly hope that some of their organised ways would rub off onto me, like one of those non-permanent sticker tattoos. (Spoiler: It didn’t work out. Neither did the relationships.)

It took me until late this year to understand what my personal problem was:

I had no rituals. *gasp

Now I know that just the word will already have your eyes flickering to another open tab in your browser-bar, as your finger nervously paws at the mouse, but often in life, it is the simple and obvious things that make the biggest difference.

Remember that book you had lying around for ages but never felt motivated to pick up, but after you finally did it had you crying – pumping your fists to the sky and shouting “YEEEEES” to the universe – because it felt so spot on that it could have been written about you?

The book was patiently waiting for you to be ready all that time, knowing and accepting that its story might never be right for you. But when it is, it reveals all its magic to you.

The same is true for rituals.

They are there, waiting to be picked up, examined, tested, discarded, and altered. It is the nature of rituals that they don’t appeal to everyone and that the right people will be drawn to the rituals that are right for who and where they are at any given time.

All they require is that you are open and ready to invite them into your life.


Sometimes, all we need is a new approach/a new perspective to transform something we couldn’t relate to, into something that we can’t wait to get out of bed for. (Haha, just kidding. Nothing could ever be that good.)

Apart from the ritual that I talk about in the video, I have recently found two other simple and easy practices that feel good to me right now: Going for a short walk (straight after I get up, practically still in my pyjamas), and lighting an aroma lamp as soon as I enter my studio.

Even though these two rites are by no means exhausting tasks, they have already changed a lot for me.

It dawned on me just this month that in order to develop discipline, which is basically the desire to feel in control of how I use my time and energy, I need to adopt and create simple rituals that I can stick to, first.

Step by step, they will build into a framework that feels good and that allows me to be more of the person I want to be for longer periods of time.

Maybe one day I’ll even manage to get out of bed without cussing and feeling sorry for myself. However, I will leave the discussion of miracles for another post…

Until then, here is one of my new favourite rituals (and my very first Art process video) that I wanted to share with you, and a little sneak peek at my Christmas present for you all!

I hope you enjoy and as always, take care!





This is part 2 of my 3-part Christmas Surprise series 

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