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How I Organise Myself On A Weekly Basis & What Self-Sabotage Has To Do With It

How I Organise Myselfticky hands down,  stalking other people’s bullet journal spreads and organisation/planning routines has to be one of my most favourite things to do on the internet.

I guess it’s the equivalent to watching Jamie Oliver’s healthy cooking on TV, while stuffing your face with pizza….not that any of us have ever done that, right?

Even though the idea of achieving a Monica Geller level of organisation is one of my biggest ambitions, getting and staying organised is a big deal for me. Like, a really big deal. Most people would be astonished if they knew how much mental effort it takes me to not only get organised, but to stay organised. That’s why, even though I love purge-clicking through beautiful spreads on pinterest, my system had to be simple and efficient + designed to keep my brain on track for more than five minutes at a time.

Because “How I organise myself” is such a big topic, I decided to break it down into smaller chunks (yearly, quarterly, monthly, weekly) and this video focuses on my weekly routine.

This video is for you,

  • If you are a “planner-fetish” kind of person [let’s hang out sometime] and would like to know how I get my sh*t together and organise myself during the week
  • If you find yourself buying planners and binging on other people’s planning routines, while never actually sticking to a system yourself….I talk about what it means when we DON’T plan and commit to self-organisation at the end of the video, and what that has to do with love self-sabotage.

Before you go, I would love to know 1) Your favourite planner video/tutorial and 2) How you organise yourself on a weekly basis. Do you have any tricks and tips you could share? 

Until the next time, take care and have a great day!

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When Others Are #WinningAtCreativeLife & You….Not So Much // Video

When Others Are #WinningAtCreativeLife & You....Not So Much // Video Cat De Pillar_Art_Creativity’m pretty sure you’re familiar with the phrase “everything’s always greener on the other side.” Of course you are, it’s a cliché! But the thing about clichés is that there can be a lot of truth to them…

And right now, you might be feeling like the grass of other creative people actually does look more stylish than your own. 

Everyone else seems to have the time to work out, grow vegetables, have a real job, spend quality time with the family AND Netflix, while also having pristine lawns and flawless bullet journals.

Also, their dogs don’t dig up the entire length of the garden, and their wild flowers actually look like flowers and not like weeds that have given up their will to live.

Because, even your weeds aren’t doing as well as those of others…obviously.

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Mindfulness: 3 Self-Love Benefits + 1 for Creatives // Video

If you’ve ever rolled your eyes because yet another magazine/ blog/ friend has told you about how they love the benefits of their minfulness practice – and all you can think about is how useless it is, even though you’ve never actually tried it – then this video is for you! *yay

I, like you, never believed that being mindful could make a change in my life, and, as the instant gratification kind of gal I am, I never bothered to stick around long enough to find out – until I did.

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This Is Why Curiosity Killed The Cat And Doing What You Love Feels Hard

“I’m not trying to turn you into me. I’m trying to turn you into you.” – Shifu, Kung Fu Panda 3


As I write this, I feel scared. In fact, I have spent my entire day [days even] NOT writing this – or anything else for that matter – because I always fear that I will not be able to provide you with enough value.

But let me start from the beginning:

I have been spending a lot of time recently thinking about all the people online who I admire; what I love about them, and what it is that draws me to their work. One thing I kept coming back to was how authentic they are, and how they just do their own thing. Unapologetically.

Even though they invest a lot of time, effort and vulnerability into their work, it seems effortless and full of genuine personality.

Every weak I crave to spend time with any version of them I have access to. I read their words, watch their videos, and listen to their voices. They are there for me in the morning as I get dressed, when I peel the potatoes, and when the universe knows I need a pick-me up.

But it’s not because their content is so radical, or every post delivers an epic paradigm-shift in a “my life will never be the same” kind of way, but because it is wonderful in a “being close to you makes me feel so good inside and happy,” kind of way.

What I think is YOU GET ME AND I AM SO HAPPY I FOUND YOU! Oftentimes, that is enough; it’s all I want. Sprinkle in some valuable anecdotes, insights, quotes, artwork and “aha” moments, and I’m happy in my nappy.

Do you ever have that feeling with people [online] and their work? Do you ever get that excited feeling of love that spreads in your stomach and as a smile across your face, when their images pop up or their new video is out?

They can be little rays of sunshine warming your face on a rainy day.

Going over these thoughts, however, I uncomfortably became aware of my emotions of jealousy towards these people. [I am very grateful that this jealousy was not infused with toxicity and malice, but with yearning and sadness.]

Why can’t I do the same? Why does creating, sharing, enjoying “the things I love” – feel so hard? When did I lose my joy; when did it stop being fun? When did I start fearing the blank page and replacing my creative endeavours with online browsing? When did writing and making up stories turn into consuming other people’s work and resenting them for doing it? When did I lose trust in my own abilities and that what I do is good enough; that what I love is good enough?

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What “To Nurture” Truly Means | Art Vlog

You know how you work on a painting and everything works out perfectly from start to finish? You don’t?

Well, I don’t either.

In this instalment of my art vlog Cats Creative Channel [CCC], you can watch me awkwardly speak into the camera, sing about needing deodorant, fuck up majorly, and finally, paint my newest piece of the #powerword meets #lovemantra series.

// About the piece

This is a piece that feels like a little breakthrough to me – I cannot even point out to you why, but I know that this picture is a new beginning…of something.

It is dedicated to the fantastic Catherine Orer from The Artist Entrepreneur, who helped me so much during the 1:1 call that I won. As she was being so generous with her gift to me, I felt that I had to create something as a token of my gratitude in return! [And now I want to go watch Shrek]

Looking for a word that represents Catherine to me, I kept coming back to some version of “care” – which ultimately led me to “nurture.”

// The Finished Piece

This is for those of us who nurture through inspiration, through commitment, through trust and love – but who are aware of their boundaries and don’t allow others to abuse their kindness.

// The mantra to this piece is

I will nurture you and help you grow, but if you do not want to grow – I will not be able to support you. I help those grow, who are already willing and motivated to grow themselves.

Make a cup of your favourite hot beverage, laugh at me in the comfort of your own home, and take some time for yourself to be inspired [or entertained] by my art and process.








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How Pin-Up Introduced Me To Self-Love


“I am what I am, I am my own special creation” – Gloria Gaynor


[Author’s Note: This post was originally published as an article in the first issue of Adore Pin Up Magazine, and has been altered.]

Iwas sixteen when I first realised that it was possible to use eyeliner on top of my eyelids. It happened during class as I asked one of my friends how she managed to have such dark lashes and cat-like eyes. Not sure if I was making fun of her, she shared an amused look with another friend, and revealed to me the wonders of successfully applied make-up. That eyeliner could do more than just slowly melt down my face, was a personal epiphany.

Sadly, I am no longer in contact with this particular friend, but to this day I remember her as the woman who enthralled me with her unapologetic femininity, and who introduced me to the realm of personal taste, elegance, high-heels, corsets, and Dita Von Teese.

It didn’t take long for me to become obsessed with this newly revealed world and to want nothing more than to be part of  its decadence, spectacle, glamour, confidence, titillation, and shameless self-love. I was hooked.

Nine years have passed since then, and I have spent a great deal of time exploring, testing, and trying on “femininity, “being a woman,” and wondering what that even means.

As I am sure you know, this process is an ongoing and complex one, but I wanted to share one crucial step on this journey with you because it changed a lot for me:

Getting involved with the Pin-Up lifestyle and community.

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