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When Others Are #WinningAtCreativeLife & You….Not So Much // Video

When Others Are #WinningAtCreativeLife & You....Not So Much // Video Cat De Pillar_Art_Creativity’m pretty sure you’re familiar with the phrase “everything’s always greener on the other side.” Of course you are, it’s a cliché! But the thing about clichés is that there can be a lot of truth to them…

And right now, you might be feeling like the grass of other creative people actually does look more stylish than your own. 

Everyone else seems to have the time to work out, grow vegetables, have a real job, spend quality time with the family AND Netflix, while also having pristine lawns and flawless bullet journals.

Also, their dogs don’t dig up the entire length of the garden, and their wild flowers actually look like flowers and not like weeds that have given up their will to live.

Because, even your weeds aren’t doing as well as those of others…obviously.

Have you ever considered that the reason everything always looks better on the other side is because you are so close to yourself [you live with yourself and your thoughts 24/7, after all] that you literally cannot see past your shortcomings?

Most of your thoughts are so skewed by what you expect to see that you will find it very hard to see anything else.

Everything looks greener on the other side because you are so used to dissecting looking at your own grass – but with the obsessive-compulsive attention of Adrian Monk.

You know each blade that has been nibbled on by snails. You cannot see the beauty of your potted plants, because you know their true function is not to be beautiful, but to cover up bald patches in your lawn.

That’s why, when you get a glimpse of your neighbour’s garden through their [immaculately cut] hedges, all you can think is:

Can I please burn my side and move over into yours?

Kidding aside, what you’re really thinking is: Why am I such a failure? Why can’t I be original like that, or funny and creative like that, or disciplined like that?

If you ever feel like other artists and creatives are #winningatcreativelife, while you would like to throw up all over your canvas and glue gun, then this video is for you.

It’s awkward. The editing is horrible. But it’s also about how you are just so used to your own normal and creative expression that you cannot see yourself clearly + one thing you can do to change that.

Enjoy and let me know what you think!

Lots of love to you + may your grass look a little greener to you after watching this video,

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