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INTRODUCING: “5 ESSENTIAL LESSONS for Creatives [That I Don’t Want You to Learn the Hard Way]

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As creatives we tend to hoard a lot of internalised beliefs that keep us miserable + secretly thinking that our emotional suffering is a necessary [and even romantic] part of the creative process.

Because of these beliefs we

  • avoid creating, but feel guilty about it all the time.
  • never measure up to what it means to be and live like a real creative person [what does that even mean?].
  • get hung up on the outcomes, rather than experiencing the creative process and its transformative power.
  • are a too much left-brain [rational, critical] and not enough right-brain [flow, creativity], which has us second-guessing ourselves all the time.

A [happy] creative life is often considered something that is bestowed upon a fortunate few who then go on to achieve great things, while the rest of us must make peace with being ordinary.

I don’t believe that.

5 essential lessons for creatives that I dont want you to learn the hard way opt in gift lead magnet cat de pillarPursuing our creative work unapologetically is a magical thing, but we don’t need “magic” to do the work we are called to. All we need is our own permission + some revised beliefs.

Even though all of our paths are unique, many of us face similar struggles and toxic beliefs that make doing our creative work a lot harder.

That’s why it’s so important that creatives help each other avoid these pitfalls, or get through to the other side of them.

Growing up in an environment that didn’t know how to help me on my creative parth, I know how important it is to share our journeys with each other.

Because of this experience, I am dedicated to supporting other creatives on their journey, as they face resistance from their environment and – more commonly – from within themselves.

I believe that the first step to being a successful artist is allowing yourself to pursue the path you feel called to, without feelings of guilt and doubt using up all of your emotional, mental and physical ressources.

It took me six years of creative misery to realise that many artists and creatives were struggling with the same problems I was and that toxic beliefs were to blame for most of the unhappiness.

That’s why I’ve created this video series for you!

Because I want you to shut up that abusive and critical voice in your head with a mic-drop.

Because I want you to prioritise yourself [and a date with your favourite series + ice-cream + peel-off face mask], without feeling guilty about it. All. The. Time.

Because I want you to step out of the shadows and into the light – able to hold that vulnerable space of showing up for yourself and expanding into it.

Because I want you to re-kindle your relationship with yourself. Trusting that you know you and what you want, better than anyone else.

“Some rules are nothing but old habits that people are afraid to change.” 
― Therese Anne Fowler

In five days, this video series will help you uncover common belief patterns that might be sabotaging you right now, and give you some ideas of how to deal with them.

Because I want you to unapologetically pursue your creative path + take care of yourself along the way!

Cat De Pillar's Free Five Day Video Series For Creatives 5 Essential Lessons for Creatives That I dont want you to learn the hard way

Spoiler Alert: If you’re looking for a quick-fix – you won’t find one here. I’m sorry. 

I’ve spent most of my life looking for a quick-fix and have spent most of that time browsing post after post, book after book [or just buying without reading them], like a junky – desperate for my next “self-help” fix, without ever applying the information I consumed.

If you are still in this gathering stage, and the thought of applying the things you’ve learnt feels overwhelming,  then [no judgement implied] this series might not be for you.

I cannot do the work for you and I cannot promise that I speak in a way that you – as who you are right now – will be able to hear.

But I promise that the information I share in these videos – as simple as some of it sounds – has the power to shift your thoughts toward a better place.

If you’re ready and willing to help yourself + to allow your creativity to become a natural extension of who you are [again], then my 5-day video series is a great place to start!


Now that you know what the series is not, let me tell you what it is!

Imagine: Realising that you’re not the only who thinks that creating feels more like a chore than joy sometimes – & finding out what to do about it.

Imagine: 5 Little baby steps towards feeling happier as a creative that are sent to your inbox [for free] + that you can go through on your own time [in your pyjamas, drinking hot coco with whipped cream and sprinkles #likeaboss]. No overwhelm, no pressure: Just you committing to time for you.

Imagine: Feeling excited about creating again, because you remember it’s about what you want, and your permission is the only permission you need to live life on your own terms. It’s a mindblowing event!




Content at a glance: 

Introduction: You don’t need to reinvent the wheel!

1 //  Be Available to Inspiration

2 //  Surround Yourself With Inspiration

3 //  Make Time For Inspiration

4 // Bonus Point








Day 2 Dont Play The Comparison Game Cat De Pillar's Free Five Day Video Series For Creatives 5 Essential Lessons for Creatives That I dont want you to learn the hard way

Content at a glance: 

1 //  Be Inspired, Not Discouraged

2 //  Reach Out to Those You Admire

3 //  You Are Not Your Work

4 // Find and Engage With Your “Tribe”









Day 3 You're Never Going to Feel Like It Cat De Pillar's Free Five Day Video Series For Creatives 5 Essential Lessons for Creatives That I dont want you to learn the hard way

Content at a glance: 

Introduction: Stephen R. Covey’s 4 Quadrants

1 //  Collect Pockets of Excitement

2 //  Make Creating A Priority Again

3 //  Try This: Stop Creating For A While









Content at a glance: 

1 //  Make the Process Pleasurable – 2:45

2 //  Make Showing Up For Yourself the Priority – 4:15

3 //  Let Go of Labels & Boxes – 5:10










Day5 Learn to expect the ugly stage in the creative process Cat De Pillar's Free Five Day Video Series For Creatives 5 Essential Lessons for Creatives That I dont want you to learn the hard way

But – wait for it – there’s more!

Every creative who sells their soul signs up for the video series will also receive:

  • Sneaky Previews of my latest work before anyone else sees it + exclusive offers, and dibs on my originals
  • Subscriber only content [videos and love notes for creatives]
  • Regular updates and behind the scenes of my work and life as a freelance Artist

I invite you on this journey with me and challenge you to choose ONE THING from these five videos that you will commit to and apply to your own life for a specific amount of time. Don’t chicken out on yourself and make creating a habit again. It might seem like nothing at first, but it changes everything. Believe me.

“[…] deep and lasting happiness requires expression of the soul—and not in between the tasks of one’s working life but as a fundamental way of being.” – Tami Lynn Kent, Wild Creative

I send you all my love + I wish you lots of joy with this series,

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