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It Takes Courage To Dance In The Shards Of Who You Were

 “Courage is not the absence of fear, but rather the judgement that something else is more important than fear.” ― Ambrose Redmoon

Artwork by Cat De Pillar

Artwork by Cat De Pillar. Click To See Print.

This is to the woman who was once told to stop wearing her “ridiculous” hats.

To the woman who has been told that she needs to be less

loud. extravagant. different. unpolished. overpolished. individual. big.

passionate. confident. happy. opinionated. angry. emotional. of herself…

Like her, most of us have been traumatised by the words, or silence, of others.

That look, that inconsiderate word, that judgmental phrase – it has eaten its way into our hearts, our choices, and our lives.

We never forget that moment of shame and embarrassment. We never forget what or who made us shrink into ourselves.

Shrunk out of their way
most has gone lost of myself
like a cloud of smoke.  
I disappeared.

Shattered into a thousand pieces, we nervously smile as we try to paste ourselves together in front of disapproving eyes.

Always afraid of being shattered again, of dissolving completely, we learn the rules.

We place every piece where we are told it belongs.

That is, until the mosaic of who we are supposed to be, becomes too tight; until we no longer want to accept the confinements we were given to shrink into.

As it starts to crack, we can either glue everything back into place, or we can decide to purposefully smash ourselves apart; to dance in the glittering rain of shards of all we thought we were, and all that we were taught we should be.

In the rain of shards
I dance away who I was to
Finally live my truth.
Again and again.

It takes courage to purposefully dissolve into nothing; to layer who you think you want to be and who you need to be, onto the emptiness that has been created by who you were supposed to be.

However, the rewards are great.




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