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Welcome “you, who so well know the nature of my soul,” as Edgar Allen Poe once wrote – you cannot imagine how honoured and humbled I am to receive you here [no need to worry, I don’t serve Amontillado…]!

Let’s start our relationship on the basis of truth and be honest with each other: You probably think you don’t have a clue about the nature of my soul [and couldn’t care less, for that matter], and you are sly enough to know that when I say “you”, I cannot possibly mean you.


Deep down, beyond all that divides us, we know each other – because we are so much alike.

You and I, we

  • seek to tap into the wild, the raw, and the beautiful within us, even when it scares us
  • long to fully step onto the path that we are constantly being called to
  • are tired of our guilt, our doubt, our excuses, and are ready to allow transformation [sort of].
  • want to overcome resistance and bring forth the gift that only we can give to the world – tackling one day at a time
  • know that getting out of bed and doing what is meaningful to us is harder on some days, but we try to get up anyway
  • want to feel alive, turned on, sparking & radiating with passion a personal mission that is so important to us that it is stronger than our tiredness, our facebook feed, our desire to binge watch an entire series of Once Upon a Time…

You and I, we want to feel good enough. Because when we do, we start living the lives we crave! Because when we do, we make the world a better + happier place!

And deep down we know: The only person, who can make us feel that way, is ourselves.



Model | MUA Styling: Cat De Pillar // Photography | Edit: Dirk Stepanovsky

You are reading this because our paths have crossed and we are given this precious time to walk together and share with each other what we have learnt along the way.

This is the place where I share my personal journey, and do everything I can to be a fantastic assistant-passenger on yours!

If this is your first time visiting me at, I know that all the crazy stuff I post information and navigation can be overwhelming. That’s why I thought you would appreciate a page that shows you around a little [I don’t have a dress code, you can keep the ‘jamies on!].



With all the websites, blogs, businesses, and people vying for your attention and time, I know how important it is for you to be very deliberate about whom you allow into your life.


That is why I want you to be able to get to know me better + why I do what I do, so that you can make an informed decision before you trade e-mails with me/ spend time on my writing and art.

Even though I label myself an artist, writer, and speaker – what truly holds me and together is my dedication to inspiring self-love,
growth, and living an unapologetic life.

This is the driving force behind anything you will receive from me.

To find out more,  you can read my about page [includes saucy answers to questions you never asked!], or go deeper and read my personal story in the post “Allowing myself to reclaim my body, my dreams & my muchness.”

Now that you know me, I’d love for you to get in touch and tell me something about yourself + how I can serve you the most as we walk some of our journey together!







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