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"Protection" by Cat De Pillar [Anemone, Lavender, Blackberry & Sage]

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"Flourish" by Cat De Pillar [Orchid & Amber]

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"Resilience" by Cat De Pillar [Ginko & Pearl]

I have long been attracted to the Ginkgo Tree [and only recently found out that I have one growing just around the corner of my house. duh!]. However, only recently did I learn of its profound symbolic meaning. Goethe even wrote a poem on one of its famous characteristics,its duality: "This tree’s leaf which here the East In my garden propagates, On its secret sense we feast, Such as sages elevates. Is it one but being single Which as same itself divides? Are there two which choose to mingle, So that one each other hides? As the answer to such question I’ve found a sense that’s true: Is it not my songs’s suggestion That I’m one and also two?" The tree is a beautiful metaphor for the unity of opposites and the duality of individuals. Yet, rather than merely interested in this element of duality, I personally take inspiration from its strength as a plant. In areas that have fallen victim to atomic bombing, Gingko trees did not only survive, but were the first to bloom again. This is why the Ginkgo stands for absolute resilience, durability - and hope. The hope that we will be able to rebuild ourselves again; that even under the worst circumstances, after the most destructive of possible events, we can - with time and love - start to bloom again. Knowing this makes me feel so deeply touched and connected with the plant that I even hung a piece of wrapping paper that had Gingko leaves printed on it on my wall....yup. wrapping paper.

The Good Enough Creative

A lot of us have internalised beliefs that keep us miserable + secretly thinking that our emotional suffering is a necessary [and even romantic] part of the creative process.

It took me too long to realise how wrong this is, and it's why I've created this video series for you:

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