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Embody Your Sensuality & Experience the Pleasure of Now | #TakeMeHomeThursday // Art

“The feminine does not save itself for some glorious moment in the future, nor grieve over some lost moment in the past. It holds nothing back. Now is all there ever is.” – Marion Woodman


“Sensual Enlightenment” by Cat De Pillar. Click to View Print Options


his piece is the result of a beautiful collaboration with the woman behind earthbodymama, a blog focused on guiding women to wholeness, sensuality, and liberated sexuality.

When I set out to illustrate the new post for Jillian, all I knew was the general theme: sensual enlightenment, sacred sexuality, and reclaiming our sensuality as women.

I spent many days thinking about this theme and how to best bring it to life. Even though I had quickly arrived at a very specific idea for this piece, nothing actually turned out as I had planned  *You can listen to me complaining talk about this in part two of my series Behind the Art:Embracing The Ugly Stage

Originally, I had intended on keeping my illustration very graphic with only little splotches of colour. However, this goddess did not want to be drawn in black and white. Every time I thought about this piece [I wanted to draw it in black and white and some hot pink], it came to me in bursts of colour and texture.

The sensible artist that I am, I stopped struggling against this vision of the piece pretty quickly, and was even inspired to mix medias in a way that I had never done before.

About The Illustration:

At first glance, the crossed arms might make one believe that she is actually closed off from her body, or ashamed of it – but the opposite is true. The crossed arms show her literally embracing herself, while simultaneously keeping societal and ancestral restrictions away. She does not allow others to dictate how she relates to herself and her body.. Her breasts are unashamedly visible [as are her nipples #freethenipple] and her gaze is slightly absent – signaling how she is listening into herself -, while also challenging the viewer. She is not private about her pleasure, but bravely displays her joy; that intimate knowing of self.

“The west is heavily indoctrinated by teachings that perpetuate myths: sex is sinful, your body is less-than-holy and cursed, your blood is dirty, and desire is responsible for humanity’s fall from grace. 

But we know better. We know our sensuality is not a curse. We know it’s a blessing, a gateway to bliss and union.” – Jillian Anderson


The halo surrounding her head not only symbolises the connection to her higher self [or personal enlightenment], but also how she radiates into the universe. There are little pyramids hidden in the outer circles [a Legend of Zelda fan might call them Triforces] that represent the union of masculine and feminine energy; that she is brings stilness and action into perfect balance.

“Most of us are burdened by an excess of doing, and in turn, are lacking the pleasure of being. In a rush to produce results, attain an outcome, and accomplish the next big thing on the list, we miss out on what’s before us, here and now.” – Jillian Anderson

Her luscious flesh is overflowing as much as her red hair. She has no specific size and her body finds no end as it flows seamlessly into her environment; this woman knows no boundaries, she is not afraid to claim her space and to expand into what she was born to become.

“Let’s be the sensual women that we are without fear of repercussion. Let’s silence the voices that say we’re drawing too much attention to ourselves, that we’re taking up too much space, that we’ll be abandoned for our radiance.” – Jillian Anderson

Even though she has been created through me, she is not my creation. This goddess manifested herself into my life, into this shape, because she wanted to be. She came because I needed to learn her message and read the words that decorate her so perfectly, as if she wrote them herself. If you are reading this, maybe she also came into being for you to meet her and her message now – what gift does she carry for you?

She calls us to make space to consciously indulge in the senses without shame.

Read more on this subject and 3 ways to be more sensually embodied on Jillian’s blog. 


Illustration Details:


Watercolour, Acrylics, and ink on 150 g/qm watercolour paper.

Gold leaf and gold mica embelishments

The original is still available for 215 €. Contact me at if you are interested in purchasing her.  [She is also available as a fine-art print in my etsy shop. Click here to view further details and options.]


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