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Trust That You Are Good Enough & Remember Your Worth | #TakeMeHomeThursday // Art

“We have all a better guide in ourselves, if we would attend to it, than any other person can be.” – Jane Austen


“Trust” by Cat De Pillar | Click To View Print Options

Untitled-1ave you ever really trusted? Have you ever exposed the most vulnerable parts of yourself knowing that you would be there to have your back in case ANYONE hurt you? Have you ever been so deeply tuned in to yourself that you could let go of your expectations and simply allow? Allow everything you want to come to you, knowing that you are good enough to receive it?

This piece of my #powerwordseries is about that kind of trust.

It’s not about trusting OTHER people, or things outside of your control.

It’s about trusting that YOU will always be there to love and take care of you.

That YOU are strong enough to walk away from toxic people and situations that are not serving you, because you know that you deserve so, so much better. That YOU are confident enough to speak only from your truth, trusting that you will be able to deal with the consequences. That YOU are dedicated to loving yourself unconditionally, no matter how many people and situations tell you not to. That when YOU listen deeply, the right path will come to you. That YOU can let go of the ores and allow your boat to swim with the current – not against it.

This artwork is for the brave and fierce at heart, who realise that the most important person they need to rely on and trust? Is themselves.

About the Illustration:

When I set out to draw this commission, I was told about the woman it would be for.

She is a real powerhouse. She has everything under control. But, she lacks trust in herself. She doesn’t believe that everything will work out for the best, which is why she constantly struggles to have everything under control. Due to her position in the family she has learnt that she is not good enough and always has to WORK to be part of the group, worthy of attention, deserving of love. Every day she tries to be worthy by taking care of everyone else and always tending to herself last.

At her core, she does not believe that she is good enough.

That is why I chose “trust” as her power word for her.

trust illustration cat de pillar

When she looks at this piece, I want her to see the blossoms woven into the hair of my character. The blossoms stand for the unavoidable and cyclical recurring of spring. No matter how cold or dark the winter months were, everyone and everything on this planet knows that warmer and brighter days will come. We have come to trust this truth and find relief in it.

I want her to remember and feel this universal trust. That even after the darkest of times, everything will grow and come into bloom again. It is the way of life.

When she sees the eggs in the bird’s nest, safely tucked into the hair of my character on the other side of the blossoms [with all that nature nesting in her hair, she should probably visit the hairdresser at some point…], I want her to remember the absolute trust we experience as babies. A baby is composed of unconditional trust, and knows that being loved is its birthright. Just by being, a baby knows without a doubt that it is deserving of all the love and good of the world. A baby does not go looking for love, it receives it joyfully.

I want her to remember this place of absolute trust in the worthiness of her being.

Sadly, many of us have forgotten this deeply grounded place of receiving, and have been reprogrammed to feel we need to fight to be loved. But the truth is, if you have to fight to be loved, then it is only conditional and can bring you no happiness [it will also steadily chisel away your confidence and self-esteem]. Those vulnerable eggs in their nest are a symbol for that imperturbable trust that we need to establish again.

We are worthy of all the good and love of this world, just by being.

One of the character’s eyes is covered by a butterfly, while the other is open to the world. The butterfly is a symbol of metamorphosis and a reminder to trust ourselves and our path. A caterpillar spends its entire life seeking out the most valuable nutrition in its evolution of becoming. I want it to be a reminder of how we must trust our own path. Like the caterpillar, we are always already the butterfly in the making. We are always already everything we could possibly ever want to be. The only thing we need to do is trust that path and find the perfect nutrition for our body, mind, and soul. One eye is focused on this solitary path, trusting that it will lead to the best possible manifestation of you, while the other is open to taking in impulses and gifts from the world.

When my client’s gaze happens upon the covered eye, I want her to remember to trust her own, magical metamorphosis.

Even though it is necessary to look into the world, it is more important to expand based on what you feel is true on the inside, rather than what you are being told from the outside.

I’m not going to lie. Trusting is scary. And trusting yourself is possibly the scariest of all.

The oxford dictionary says that to “trust,” means that you have to have faith or confidence in a person, quality, or a thing.

This piece wants you to have faith and confidence in yourself, who you are, and what you are capable of. But it also wants you to practice having faith in the world around you and that everything you need will be provided – if you are able to allow it.

Imagine how it would feel to remember your untouchable worth and what that would look like in your life. Maybe one of the ensuing action items is to hang a print of this piece where it can help you as you relearn to trust yourself?

Imagine how it would feel like to believe in  your worth and that you are good enough  – what would that look like in your life? One of the ensuing action items could be to hang a print of this piece where it can remind you of how that feels every day, so that you never forget again.



Illustration Details: 

Watercolour and ink on 150 g/qm watercolour paper.

The original is no longer available. 


Take care,  xo


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