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The One Thing Everyone Can Afford (Even If You Don’t Have Enough Money To Buy Christmas Presents)

Everyone can afford christmas. It is more important why and how you do something, than what you do. Pink flower and pink heart. Cat De Pillar Artist Writer Speaker Self-love

In the spirit of the season that is upon us, I will come clean to you about one of my more unfavourable characteristics:

I am the absolute WORST secret Santa you could ever imagine.

Why? Because I never give anyone presents for Christmas!

I am the type of Santa that inspires nightmares.

You know the dream where you excitedly run into the living room – washed, primped and ready to brutally rip packaging apart – when you suddenly realise: there are no presents awaiting their pleasurable death by your hands underneath the Christmas tree. *at which point you wake up screaming

Thinking about it, I am probably a secret Krampus.

Just acknowledging this makes me feel like my cat does, when, instead of serving her the best, moist chicken-bits the budget store has to offer, I throw another heap of dusty, dry-food into her food bowl.

It makes me feel like an egoistic and uncaring bitch.

In my defence – and because I don’t want you to think that I am a horrible person (or the Grinch) – I am known for giving spontaneous and specialised gifts that no one expects throughout the year; I just find it very hard to stick to dates that necessitate gift-giving. (I am looking at you annual Christmases, birthdays, anniversaries, and name days!)

The reasons are manifold, but here are my top two:

  1. The clammy, paralysing grip of overwhelm (Or: time management)

    Even though at the age of 25 Christmas should not come as a surprise anymore (since it’s sort of an annual thing), it still catches me off guard every time. Just 1 ½ weeks before Christmas I steel feel like I am only just recovering from my Samhain hangover, and that it will be impossible to procure spectacular and emotionally touching gifts for all the people I love on time.

  2. The moolah has been grazing on other pastures (Or: I don’t have enough money)

It’s not about literally having no money to spend, but about not having enough money to buy what I would ideally want to give.

For example, if I want to give you the PS 4 (which would be a totally non self-serving thing to do), or a massage at that spa you love, or that necklace that reminds me of our time when we were in Poland together, but all I can afford is a cactus and one of those “ready-in-a-jar” cakes (and sometimes not even that) – it makes me feel really sad inside.

I love you so much, if I could, I would buy the entire world for you, but since I can’t – and because flour, chocolate chips, and baking soda in a glass, accompanied by a plant that somehow looks grumpy, just doesn’t feel like enough – I give you nothing instead.

In all the years that these two beliefs where my main go-to ways of thinking and feeling about the giving of presents, I forgot the most important thing (get ready for it, it’s a DUH! moment):

It is not about the what, but the how, and the why!

I told you it would be a no-brainer.

Growing up in a consumer-driven and capitalist world, paired with my belief that only the best is good enough for the people I love, I forgot what presents are truly about:

The intention and meaning we give them, paired with the desire to make family and friends feel like the fucking superstars that they are!

I am pretty sure that a “ready-in-a-jar” cake and a cactus say “I fervently love you and want to make you as happy as I possibly can” much more eloquently than avoiding the person and pretending that Christmas, or their birthday, never happened.

Similar to when cats artfully arrange dead mice and birds at your doorstep. It is the thought that counts.

What if I am not even able to afford that? I am sure a cup of tea, something hand-made with love and thought, a big hug and quality time spent together will be sufficient, too. (Also, if I am going to buy a PS 4 for anyone, it will be for me. There is no use in lying about it.)

Whatever I come up with and prepare with love, will show that I cared enough to give a damn – irrespective of how much money I have.

Even if the most expensive part of my gift is the wrapping (and the amount of time I spent on Youtube looking for fancy ways to gift-wrap a cactus),

I know you will understand and appreciate it, because we have decided that we want to spend this life together and be there to hold each other’s hair while we throw up. (Possibly because the ingredients in the “ready-in-a-jar” cake I gave you expired five years ago.)

Knowing (or desperately hoping) that I am not the only person who feels like they can only either give a yacht or dead mice, I have something for you.

The one thing that everyone can afford and that you have been waiting for ever since you opened this post? 

*opening chest sound from the Legend of Zelda (you don’t know what that is? Check it out here)


I bet you totally saw that coming.

How cliché, right? You just read 790 words to confirm what you probably already guessed from reading the headline. *also, I bet you had the urge to check if the word count is accurate. It’s not.

BUT, jokes aside, I do actually have something for free that you can give to as many people as you want and that stands for love, luck, prosperity and good health. (Is there any gift that is worth more than that?)

Tomorrow, the 21st  of December 2015, I will post a video of its creation and background story (sign up if you want to be notified), and,

on the 22nd  your free gift will be on my Facebook page and you can tag, share, and E-mail it as often as you want. (Super-awesome extra: There will be  a special twist to it that I feel very excited about! It will also help me better my reputation as a secret Santa 😉 )

And every time you do?  You choose to give a damn. And the people that matter will get it.

Take care,



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